What does a Bad Credit Record Mean


First of all bad credit record does not mean no credit, If you’ve got bad credit you can still get a credit card. You’ll just pay more, and the terms of your card deal will be much stiffer than the average cardholder has to deal with.

But handle that deal and you can begin to rebuild your credit and get back to better and better card deals.

Some of you don’t have really bad credit, you just don’t have good credit. Some of you are just establishing credit (maybe it’s the first time ever dealing with credit), others of you have had bad credit but are beginning to make headway into restoring a good credit name.

A credit union may offer the best deals for people with damaged credit.

People with spotless credit reports obviously get the best deals. In most cases you will find that your rates, fees, penalties, charges and credit limits will be worse in relation to how far from perfect your credit record is.

Card companies look at more than just your payment history, and balance the bad — like late payments — against the good — like a steady job and long-time residence at the same address. So don’t assume or accept the worst.

Keep in mind that card issuers are very aggressive in their efforts to sign people up. That means there will be plenty of competition for your dollars even if they are a little crumpled.

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