King Cash Loans

King Cash Loans is an authorized financial provider and South Africa’s most convenient way to take out a loan. King Cash an help you consolidate you debt.

Find out how simple it is to apply for a personal loan or consolidate your debts with King CashCall FREE on 0800 113 637 now!

At King Cash we understand that the reasons for needing a loan are truly as unique as the people who apply for them. So when you apply for a loan with us, rest assured that you are dealing with a trustworthy team ready to provide snappy financial solutions that meet your personal requirements. We’re just a phone call away.


You’ll quickly discover that with King Cash, borrowing is easy & convenient. Our 60 years in lending brings you the expertise you need. We’ll quickly review your financial situation and give you the best possible rates and terms available. We will work with you to reasonable monthly payments that fit your budget all over the phone!

King Cash  Authorised Financial Service Provider personal loan

King Cash Authorised Financial Service Provider personal loan