Africash Loans

Africash Loan have made life easy to Africans now with Africash you can simply transfer money in Africa for less with their best services you can depend on them to deliver and now is available in usd and icy even refunds and cancellation are made.

How to apply

To apply for a Africash Loan you can apply online or download the form and submit it at your nearest branch that support the UBA.


To apply for a Africash Loan all you need to have is a valid ID, name and surname and the amount of money deposited.

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What does the Africash Loans offer

The Africash Loan offers an easy way to transfer cash in Africa, they offer the best services and it is so easy to apply at no costs if you in need of transferring cash in Africa visit Africash to apply.

Contact details

Call:+234 1631 9822 or Fax:+234 280 8448 or

Africash Loan

Africash Loan