ABSA ATM loan is one of the best self services of getting a short term loan without even going into an ABSA branch, all you have to do is to be an absa customer.

This ATM loan needs to be paid within a month for there to be zero interest charges. Only a small initiation fee is applied on all ATM loans and the money can be used for any purpose including personal aspirations or wish lists.



Absa Personal Loan Overdraft

Overdraft from Absa provides you with a safety net of additional money, up to a pre-agreed limit, to cover everyday expenses when there’s nothing left in your account.

Absa offers three different overdraft options:

Standard – granted for a period of 12 months and reviewed annually
Reducing – the limit on the overdraft facility is reduced on a monthly basis, until the full amount is settled
Temporary – granted for a fixed period of time only and must be settled in full at the end of that period

An Overdraft could be the right choice if you:

  • Would like a reserve of extra money available in your account should you need it
  • Want to know you can cover withdrawals that exceed your available balance
  • Have an Absa Silver, Gold, Professional or Platinum cheque account
  • Earn a regular income of R3 000 a month or more
  • Only want to pay interest on the daily balance of your account
Absa overdraft

Absa overdraft