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We help people who are under administration, blacklisted and are looking for a personal loan, if you apply below you will get approved within an hour of your application, loans of up to R150,000, after approval via SMS and get instant access to your loan.

Cash Loans
Cash Loans Cash Loans is of the providers that help people who are under admin, people with a poor credit rating, garnishee orders and defaults, they offer a loan of up to R150,000. Apply Now

What does a Bad Credit Record Mean
Having a Bad Credit Record can mean a lot of things regarding your personal finance, having a bad credit record can make you not to get credit or the amount of money that you are looking for. Lets have a look at what are the impact of having a bad credit record. Read On

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  1. Nadia Rygaardt:

    I need to apply for a credit card. Can a consultant please contact me. Thank You

  2. Idalette Strydom:

    re. use of debit versus credit cards

  3. Idalette Strydom:

    I have already posted my enquiry. You sit is confusing

  4. Ntuthuki:

    Please call me

  5. Karin Gill:

    I would like to know your monthly charges and interest rate

  6. memory:

    i need a personal loan – Do you assist with cash Loans for Foreign Nationals in South Africa – I have a workpemit and zim passport

  7. fatima klaassen:

    thank for being so helpfull and this quick response i appreciate


  8. fatima klaassen:

    when are you answer me

  9. Portia Forbay:

    credit card application

  10. Portia Forbay:

    credit card applicatiojn

  11. Shupikai:

    I will be greatfull if you help me.

    Thank you

  12. Shupikai:

    Thanks ,waiting for your response

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