Africash Loans

Africash Loan have made life easy to Africans now with Africash you can simply transfer money in Africa for less with their best services you can depend on them to deliver and now is available in usd and icy even refunds and cancellation are made.

How to apply

To apply for a Africash Loan you can apply online or download the form and submit it at your nearest branch that support the UBA.


To apply for a Africash Loan all you need to have is a valid ID, name and surname and the amount of money deposited.

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What does the Africash Loans offer

The Africash Loan offers an easy way to transfer cash in Africa, they offer the best services and it is so easy to apply at no costs if you in need of transferring cash in Africa visit Africash to apply.

Contact details

Call:+234 1631 9822 or Fax:+234 280 8448 or

Africash Loan

Africash Loan

Yuppie Cash Payday Loan

The Yuppie Cash Payday Loan is quick and fast way of getting a loan, the approval is quick and they even offer loans from R100 up to R2000 and they even have a short term loan and the application process is fast and quick they also have low interest rates and easy repayment periods.

Ways to apply
To apply for a Yuppie Cash Payday Loan is easy you just need to complete the online form with your personal information and work details it is quick.

For a Yuppie Cash Payday Loan to be required all you need to have is to be permanently working and have a valid bank account that works in order to apply for a Yuppie Cash Payday Loan.

What does the the Yuppie cash loan offer
They provide loans from R100 up to R2000 and they offer a good and fast services when you need cash the most and if you pay well your credit record improves.

Contact details
Tel: 021 003 4510 or Fax: 086 648 0456 or Email:

Yuppie Cash Payday Loans

Yuppie Cash Payday Loans

Ellerines Loans

Ellerines Loans makes it easy for you to apply for an instant credit offer. The service is designed to provide you with an immediate outcome so that you know what credit you may qualify for without having to visit a branch or complete tedious paperwork. You can complete the application online, in the privacy of your home or office.
If you qualify your Ellerines Loans may be approved on the same day, and the funds deposited directly into your bank account. The entire process is paperless.

Ellerines Loans is part of African Bank

ellerines loans

OUTsurancc Life cover

OUTsurance’s Life Insurance product also provides Comprehensive Death Cover (also referred to as Life Cover) to cover you in the event of death. This includes a terminal illness benefit – where, if you have a life expectancy of less than 12 months, we’ll pay 50% of the Sum OUTsured to a maximum of R1 million.

Alternatively, you can take out Accidental Death Cover where we’ll pay out the Sum OUTsured if you die as a result of an accident.

Pep Loan and Capfin Loan the best in South Africa

Pep Stores and Capfin has established the most easiest way to get a loan in Shout Africa through Pep Store and now they have added Ackermans Stores to provide a Capfin Loan.

Why is Capfin Loan the best

Getting a loan through a very easy process is what everyone want, we need money as soon as possible and Capfin is just doing that, you dont have to bring bank statements, proof of employment etc they just need a cell number, your ID and bank account that’s it then you will know if you qualify base on your credit record.

How can you apply for a Capfin Loan

All you have to do is head to any Pep and Ackermans Stores with your ID, cell phone and have a bank account that you are paid to at least once a month and ask the cashier you are here to apply for a loan.

Pep Loan and Capfin Loan the best in South Africa

Pep Loan and Capfin Loan the best in South Africa

Instant Payday Loans no Paperwork in South Africa

Instant Payday Loans are a boost to a salary for most of South Africans and due to the fact that 80% of house hold is going to debt according to the National Credit Regulator (NCR) so Payday Loans are very vital.

Who offers Instant PayDay Loans

Depending on how instant the Credit Provider offers the loan, but ABSA ATM and FNB ATM loans are truly instant you get you Payday Loan in 10min after applying and you do not have to go the branch to apply all happens at the ATM.

Wonga, Just Loans, Instant Loans etc do offer Payday Loans as well.

Instant Payday Loans no Paperwork in South Africa

Instant Payday Loans no Paperwork in South Africa

Payday Loans Online Application

Instant payday loans or payday advances are small, short-term unsecured loans that helps you out until your next payday. With Payday Loans Online we compare the top lenders for payday loans online in South Africa. Compare, apply and you could have cash in your account within 24 hours.

Instant Approval!

Instant decision and you could have cash in your bank within 10 minutes, guaranteed! As a new client you can borrow from R100 up to R4000.

100% Paperless

Complete paperless, super quick online application process. It takes up to 5 minutes, and you do not need to submit any documents.

Completely Secure

The application process is completely secure and you can rest assured that all applications are handled with the utmost discretion.

Looking for a personal loan that suit you? find a lender at Direct Insure

Real People Personal Loans

Real People is regarded as one of the best micro loan lenders in South Africa and they have loans that range from R 500 to R 150 000, from business to personal loans and payday loans including study loans.

Should you wish to apply for a Real People Loan then call them on: 0861 10 17 24.

Real People Loans:

  • Home Improvement Loans
  • Business Loans
  • Personal Loans
  • Payday Loans
  • Study loans
  • Consolidation Loans
Real People Personal Loans

Real People Personal Loans

Wonga Payday Loan

Wonga offers Payday loans that are from R 200 to R 2000 and all interest are market compatible, get your Payday loan day with Wonga’s secure and easy to use online application that does not require any paper work, you get instant decision 24/7, No hidden charges, Also available on mobile.

Applying for Wonga is simple. There’s no nightmare paperwork to file, documents to fax or cheesy hold music to endure, because our unique service is online from start to finish. To kick-off, use the sliders on the home page to decide exactly how much cash you want to borrow and how many days you need it for. We’ll show you the full cost and, once you’re happy, click apply. We’ll then ask you for some personal details and banking information for our super-speedy credit check.

We usually provide an answer almost instantly and, if approved, we send the cash to your bank before you know it! That makes us the fastest and most flexible lender in the land.

On your chosen date we collect a single payment from your bank account, so you just need to ensure the required funds are available.

You can initially request any amount up to R2000 and, should you choose to use Wonga more than once and providing you use the service responsibly, we may gradually increase your Wonga trust rating, giving you more borrowing flexibility if you ever need it. Once you have an account, you’ll find application is even faster next time too! to apply

Wonga Payday Loan

Wonga Payday Loan

Bill Consolidation Loan

Bill Consolidation Loan is a type of a loan that you can apply for when you need to pay you bills; such as water and lights and insurance bills, it is more used full at the end of the month when in this case you have a lot of debts to cover and you are running out of cash.

Bill Consolidation Loan can ease the stress from you each and every month end, the loan is from R 500 to R 150 000, Payday Loans can also help to boost you salary just in case you run out of cash just after a payday.

Bill Consolidation Loan

Bill Consolidation Loan