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  1. Would like to apply for a loan to consolidate debt and pay only one loan.
    Installments currently paying for:

    Bayport – R600 (amount outstanding – R18 000.00)
    RCS R650 (amount outstanding – R6 138.22)
    Finchoice – R1600 (amount outstanding – R15 000.00)
    SAMHS FUND – R493 (amount outstanding – R2 521.00)
    Absa credit card – R1395.00 (amount outstanding – R10 000.00)
    (amount behind on vehicle payment – R10 000.00)
    TOTAL amount R61 659.22
    Total monthly payments R4738

  2. I want a debt settlement loan,which can pay my debts,and I will pay it by monthly installment.Can you help me or what must I do.

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