Land Bank of South Africa

If you are big in agricultural and forming the land bank is what you need, Land bank is Government owned and was established to provide financial services to the commercial farming sector and to agri-business.

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Land bank contains a lot of financial services and can fund people who wants to buy land, equipment and working capital for agricultural projects.

Land Bank Services and Loans

Long-term mortgage

Long term mortgage loans are fixed instalment loans for capital expenditure. These loans can be used for the purchase of land, the purchase and installation of machinery and equipment, fixed asset improvements, water project schemes and other agriculture-related capital expenditure.

Short-term loans are tailored to meet important financing needs in the agricultural cycle including the provision of advances – against crop intakes, production requirements, production credit and other related services that includes the handling, manufacturing, packing, processing, storage, transport and/or marketing of agricultural products.

  • Interest rates are quoted nominal annual compounded monthly (NACM)
  • Interest rates are not fixed over the term of the loan and can be adjusted from time to time based on fluctuations in the money and capital markets.
  • There are no fixed terms of repayment. Draw-downs and repayments are regulated by the value of assets (stock and debtors) financed
  • There are no transaction costs.


Call deposit accounts are available to corporate clients only. Typically this facility is used in the following ways:

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